The Best Internet Traffic Plan

Having a solid traffic plan for your online business is the only way to be successful online. You need to have a specific goal you want to reach in terms of the traffic coming to your website. It is important to understand that the amount of traffic you are able to generate has a direct effect on the amount of revenue your business is able to do online.

Your Internet traffic plan should consist of an immediate strategy to drive traffic as well as a long term one as well. An immediate strategy should be able to drive traffic to your website as early as tomorrow and a long term one should cater to the future.

It is going to be very important to test and track all your sources of traffic, you want to do this because it will help you to know the exact source responsible for the most and best traffic to your website online.

Some effective traffic sources would consist of pay-per-click, banner ads, forum marketing, video marketing and content marketing. Because each one is different, the approach you would want to take would be different as well in terms of how you execute your marketing.

Of the 5 mentioned here, content marketing in the form of articles is the easiest to get started with and would also be considered an immediate strategy because of how quickly you can see results.

It is also important to understand that traffic is a numbers game, so regardless of which strategy you implement, it has to be a continuous effort in order to see long term results.

Getting Internet Traffic by Offering Unique and Relevant Content

It may seem a little unfair, but a larger website will probably attract more visitors than a smaller one.

While this isn’t a universal truth, there is enough in this idea to make a web developer sit up and take notice when offered a way of adding content to his or her site.

All search engines treat sites as a collection of pages. Every page on your site can rank separately, and it will rank primarily for the content that is on that page alone.

So a four page website can get a maximum of four slots in the search engines. A thousand page website can get a thousand slots. It’s simple math.

But the thought of creating thousands of individual articles, videos and graphics can be enough to put people off the idea of creating a large site.

This is where certain well established and ethical techniques can be used.

The first one to mention is syndication. The process of taking news-feeds from other sites via a syndication button that they will provide, and spreading their news onto your site in the form of articles or videos.

The originator gains because they spread their message, and you, as a site owner looking for content gain by having a ready supply of well written content piped to your website with the original author’s blessing (and thanks more often than not).

Being a hub for people looking for information in your field. Having visitors come to your site then having them find everything they might be looking for in your niche without having to leave your site – is a great way to ensure lots of consistent and targeted internet traffic.

Setting up syndication is not that difficult, most sites have an orange “radiate” button in a corner of each article that shows the URL of the “feed” from that site.

If you want more content, and unique content, to your site. (Unique content is ranked higher than syndicated content) then there are other simple steps you can take that will ensure you can spend your time being creative rather than stressed out by the size of site you are trying to create.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

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